I would like

to thank the city of Stow and Kathy McConnell from Parks and Rec, for their help and cooperation in allowing Stow residents to use city property for our community gardens. I would especially like to thank our volunteer board members who work so diligently to maintain and set rules for this large area; that includes Karen, Lynette, Becky, Rich, James and his wife Genice, Greg, Curt and Donna. Without these volunteers there would be no gardens. So, thank you all for an outstanding growing season.

As a very senior citizen, can you imagine how disappointed I was last week as I entered my roped-off garden only to discover that some one had the audacity to dig up three-fourths of a 20-foot row of potatoes. I understand several other folks had the same experience and the same disappointment. Why? You can go to any grocery store and buy a 5-pound bag for a couple bucks. I worked very hard to plant, water, weed and nurture those plants.

Human eyes did not witness your thievery, but a higher power did.

Mary Lou Rosinski, Stow