I write this

letter as a lifelong Tallmadge resident, mother of two young students in our district, and a teacher in one of the buildings in desperate need of being replaced.

Back when my husband and I were looking to purchase our first home, we considered not only Tallmadge, but several other neighboring communities. As we considered long-term, one of the major deciding factors was the type of school system that we would want our future children to be a part of. Tallmadge was at the top of our list not only because of the education benefits that our children would receive, but also because we knew how hard the teachers and administration work to provide our students with a quality education.

As an employee of the district, I am honored to work with so many educators that come to work each day motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to help our children succeed. But speaking from experience, it is a constant uphill battle to provide our students with the type of quality education they deserve with such limited space and resources. Education has changed dramatically even in the 10 short years I have been here. I understand our current buildings may have functioned just fine back when some of our community members attended them several years ago, but 67 years later, it is concerning to me that community members think that they still provide us the same safety and learning opportunities as they used to.

At the heart of every community there is a school system. I ask the community to invest a little bit of time learning about the issues that will be on this November's ballot. Consider the idea that you will be investing in your own future as these students will one day be our community leaders.

Our Community. Our Plan. Our Vote.

Jamie Bezbatchenko, Tallmadge