As I watch the

news and read the newspaper daily, I'm amazed at the amount of information available regarding our upcoming presidential election. Television commercials, mailers, surveys, canvassers and more are available at our fingertips to learn about the issues facing our federal government. Although these opportunities exist for state and local elections, it takes a voter much more effort on their part to seek out information about all of the candidates and their stances on important issues.

As the president of the Citizens for Nonpartisan Politics in Stow, please let me extend an invitation to learn more about the candidates running for positions that will be representing you at our Ohio House of Representatives, Summit County, and local court systems. On Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m., please join us at Acker Moore Memorial Post for our annual Candidate's Night to hear from, and interact with, candidates who will be on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Candidates will have the opportunity to address the crowd and field questions from the moderator; they will be available to interact directly with guests and answer individual questions in a meet and greet following the formal program.

Our government and its leaders make critical decisions every day that impact our community and our day-to-day lives. I urge you to take this opportunity to become an informed and engaged resident who can vote with confidence on Nov. 8.

Patricia Hanson, 2016 Stow CNP President