Although many people guessed that the door shown in the last column was on the Clocktower, it is really only about 10 inches tall.

Dan and Mary Marinchick at 166 Ravenna St. installed the little door in a tree in their front yard three years ago (which amazes me because I walk down that sidewalk and never saw it until Ted Olson recently sent me a picture). The Marinchicks got the idea from Pinterest and Dan created it. They thought the children from the TLC daycare right down the street would enjoy the "fairy door" while on their walks. Mary says the children have asked when the fairies come out and if the door opens (it does not). Someone has created a little stone path and left a little pot of flowers in front of the door.

Another friend in town told me about a woman in California who started a little fairy garden in her yard, right near the street. Over the years people have added little pieces to it so that it is now many times as big as it used to me. I'd love to see more "fairy doors" or even fairy gardens in Hudson - wouldn't it make walking around town fun?