I read Dave

Sebastian's letter to the editor in the Sept. 4 edition asking where is Zack Jones, the city's utility billing manager.

Basically, Dave wanted Mr. Jones to be accountable for the recent utility billing problems. It is my opinion that you can't blame Zack for being in this key managerial position; you have to blame the person who placed the 29-year-old (when appointed in 2014) to the current $80,000 annual salary.

One of Hall of Fame Coach Paul Brown's famous quotes was directed to a bus driver who got lost driving Coach Brown and his Cleveland Browns in New York. Brown stated to the bus driver "I don't blame you. I blame the guy who hired you."

In the Aug. 31, 2014, Falls News Press, Service Director Eric Czetli stated Jones is qualified for the job because he gained experience as a customer support representative working for First Energy the past three years and as a certified tax collector for the Ohio Attorney General's Office for three years before that. Jones graduated from Ohio University in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in sociology, criminal justice, American history and communications. He is the son of Wayne Jones, the former state representative and former chairman of the Summit County Democratic Party.

As a former Finance Director for the city, I believe that the position requires an individual with a related finance or business degree to manage approximately $60 million of annual utility revenues. Based on the current circumstances, I believe the Utility Billing Department should serve under the Finance Director and be removed from Mr. Czetli's oversight.

Question for Mr. Czetli: Was the Utility Billing Manager's position advertised and how many candidates applied and were interviewed for the position? What was the Human Resources Department's involvement in the process? Falls News readers would like to know.

Vic J. Nogalo, Cuyahoga Falls