After listening to

the many complaints at the City Council Public Affairs Committee meeting on Sept. 6, and some of the half-explanations on why the utility bills have been so messed up, it is obvious to me -- who has been through several billing system changes and telecommunications system upgrades in my career -- that there has been no one in charge of the utility billing system.

There was a lot of "not my problem" expressed at the meeting by all of the department heads. Obviously, tests were not successfully completed in transferring the electric meter readings accurately and in a timely fashion to the new system. I am disappointed that someone with zero experience in billing systems has been put in charge of such an important municipal function. It would behoove the service director to immediately find a trained, responsible individual to lead that department. In the interim, it should not be impossible to go back to the old system utilizing the backups until such a time as all the software problems are resolved. I heard one citizen complain Sept. 6 that she has received three bills in a two-week period for amounts exceeding her total annual bill for the previous six-month period! Someone needs to pay the ultimate price for this total incompetence.

Donald Nelsch,

Cuyahoga Falls