I would like to

encourage residents to take the time to learn about bond issues 43 and 33 for our Tallmadge City Schools.

The School Board and administration have done an excellent job maintaining all our buildings. Operating and maintaining buildings includes utilities, lawn care, snow removal, custodial salaries, repairs, general maintenance and more. Significant capital improvements like HVAC system replacements, whole building roofs, expansions and other major renovations are typically decided by the voters through bond issues (as they should be). Unfortunately, age and new technology have advanced to where the cost of upgrading current buildings is not a cost savings. We would lose the money from the state and we would still have buildings that were built almost 60 years ago.

The best long-term option and the most fiscally responsible option for our students and the residents of Tallmadge is to replace the current buildings. By combining the K-8 buildings to one campus, the district would recognize savings which would help delay the need for more operating levies and keep our tax dollars in the classroom instead of spending money to maintain outdated buildings on multiple campuses.

I would also like to note the plan for the new schools came from a large group of residents who volunteered their time and effort to educate themselves on the needs and requirements of present-day education. Their recommendations were presented to the School Board for ratification.

The School Board did not originate this plan -- our residents did. Everyone is entitled to their vote. It is my hope all of our voters will take the time to get the facts to make an informed decision. There are informational meetings being held at different times and locations.

Thank you for your consideration on this important bond levy.

Christeen Parsons, Tallmadge