I am an educator

of pharmacists, physicians and medical researchers, and I understand the changing needs of our educational system.

On a daily basis, I am tasked to include new technology in the classroom and create innovative learning environments that meet the needs of a vastly different generation of students. I am fortunate because my university understands this and has invested millions of dollars to develop the most state-of-the-art learning facilities that meet the needs of both educators and students. However, I am also the mother of two elementary school students in the Tallmadge system who hopes my young ones will become the pharmacists, doctors, or medical researchers of tomorrow. Our Tallmadge teachers and school system are exemplary -- our buildings are embarrassingly outdated. This young generation of learners needs an upgraded environment with optimal resources that help them build the strongest educational foundation possible so that they can achieve and compete at the highest level. Complacency and satisfaction with the status quo have no place in a rapidly evolving educational system -- and they have no place in this growing, progressive city.

Right now, Tallmadge has an opportunity to support excellence by voting to improve the educational infrastructure. While I know my taxes will increase, it is an investment I am happy to make because prioritizing our students today can enable them to become the professionals who improve health, cure disease and save lives tomorrow.

Dr. Christine Crish,

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, NEOMED, Tallmadge resident