I really don't

think that the detour for the Ledge Road construction was planned out very well.

Instead of turning onto N. Plaza Drive, they should have gone down to the next stop sign. People would have had to drive slower.

I live on N. Plaza Drive and it has become the Indy Speedway.

Drivers fly around the curve and there is no way these people are doing 25 mph.

I watched out my front window around 7:30 to 8 a.m.

People going to work were racing down the street.

Where is the police presence? They watch by Cranbrook and Stratford for people rolling through the stop signs, yet drivers are speeding down N. Plaza Drive with no regard for people, pets, etc.

What will it take, a child getting hit, before they patrol N. Plaza Drive or change the detour?

Elizabeth Male, Northfield Village