It's been a

curious election season.

I must respond to a recent letter from a Tallmadge School Board member because the reasoning is curious.

Why does the School Board think the quality of workmanship one can see in the two schools they want to tear down will be replicated in the new elementary school?

Take a look at the school that used to be Overdale. See how well it is made, and then compare it to the new high school. I rest my case. Certainly, even a retrofit of the existing buildings would still be preferable and not cost any more.

I was alive in the 1960s, and I remember the "open classroom" concept. So many schools had open spaces where large groups could learn together. The problems arose when other classes could not hear their lessons because the door could not be closed. There was no door, nor walls either. These School Board members don't know about those days. All those open plan buildings got divided up into rooms at great cost. Considering the modern classroom management rules (talk all you want) the distractions would be enormous today.

I would go for the moving of the stadium. There are probably some safety issues with the old one. Lots of schools are needing to renovate their facilities. But don't ask us for more taxes just so we can have our new buildings featured in some magazine or trade paper.

I call on Tallmadge citizens to vote against the school bond levy. Let's not be a rubber stamp community.

Thomas Kever, Tallmadge