the Stow mayor's request for an increase in the stormwater fee: Councilman Brian Lowdermilk is correct to ask for verification of how the money is spent and is it justifiable considering the amount of taxpayer funds already being diverted to help prop up the Fox Den Golf Course including a new water well, a new retention pond, new mowing equipment, and a new shelter that was mysteriously moved from one of the city parks to provide a new party area at the golf course.

Not to mention the huge interest payment incurred by the city taxpayer. At some point, the people need to decide if they want entertainment or infrasructure in their city until a more stable economy is attained.

A lame-duck mayor has no business kicking the can down the road on needed improvements and then crying to Council for more money from the taxpayer as she props up her pet projects.

Paul Zuravel, Stow