I have watched

with great interest the comments made over the past few weeks regarding the proposed sales tax that was originally intended to fund not only public safety purposes -- but also a downtown arena project.

Although I see the positive benefit a downtown arena could have for the region, I believe it is the University of Akron's responsibility - not ours.

County Executive Russ Pry has worked with County Council to remove the arena project from the sales tax issue. Pry recognizes the entire county benefits from a strong urban center like Akron but his first priority is to keep the County safe, not build arenas.

What Pry has proven to be is clear and consistent in his message that public safety is the primary purpose for taking the issue to the voters.

My two concerns have become moot. The arena is gone and a limit of ten years has been set on the sales tax bump.

It is refreshing to have a public official actually listen to constituents and be willing to move forward with public input in mind.

This limited purpose and short duration tax now makes sense. It is now a no-brainer, and I will be voting in support of the sales tax initiative on Nov. 4.

Patrick Carano, Tallmadge