I just wanted

to congratulate and recognize all of our young people who have performed so magnificently in the last few weeks and made us all so proud.

I had the opportunity to meet with 12-year-old Dylan Theisen, the winner of the Rally Division in the 2014 All American Soap Box Derby and even had my picture taken with him, his trophy and that beautiful racer! What a super nice young man and a very humble winner, too.

I know 12-year-old Rachel Prior's parents and was so proud to read of her participation in the Cleveland Triathlon with her friend, Ethan Fairhurst, who has cerebral palsy and autism but was able to participate in the events through Rachel's extreme efforts. What an incredible experience Rachel was able to share with Ethan.

I am sending this letter from Portland, Ore., where I flew to see our Little League girls softball team (a majority of 12-year-olds) compete in the World Series. They have played their hearts out and no matter where they finish, will always be champions to us.

This dynamic group of 12-year-olds are so special to our community. I can't say enough about their accomplishments and the pride we all feel for the remarkable moments they have given to us this summer.

What a bright future lies ahead for the members of this graduating class!

David G. Kline, Mayor