A letter to the editor in the July 30 edition of the Advocate regarding the Kiwanis-Moore Playground improvements attempted to portray members of Council and the administration as individuals who have blatantly ignored their responsibilities as elected officials.

It implied that city government was lacking in justice and integrity, powerful accusations that would lead one to believe that city officials are unfair, immoral, lack honor and are partial in their treatment of people.

This letter is not intended to change minds regarding the project or opinions regarding city officials. It is meant to set the record straight.

The legislation was for the appropriation of $90,000 for park improvements. It provided for the renovation and completion of Field 4 used for baseball, the removal of Field 3, and in its place the expansion of an existing parking lot, along with a lighted pathway connecting the parking area with the ballfields, and access to the commercial area along South Chillicothe Road.

The legislation originated with the administration, was submitted to Council's committee of the whole and was forwarded onto Council, which held its required three readings, during which the public was provided the opportunity to express opinions.

The legislation did not include an "emergency clause," which would have allowed the appropriation to go into effect as soon as it was signed by the mayor. Had it passed on "emergency," citizens' right to the referendum petition would have been negated.

In addition, as part of the process, the plan was approved by the planning commission comprised of citizens and was not objected to by the Aurora Baseball League. The project has the support of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, but it is important to note that no business has initiated the project or was involved in the approval process.

George Horvat,

Ward 4 Councilman