Recent efforts by concerned citizens questioned the city's efforts to make improvements to Kiwanis-Moore Playground. A letter to the editor questioned the actions of city officials who supported the improvements.

Town Center is an increasingly active recreational, cultural and commercial area. Kiwanis-Moore Playground, with its playground, skatepark and picnic area, is adjacent to the baseball fields used by the Aurora Baseball League, Aurora schools and the public.

Aurora Memorial Library, Aurora Historical Society and Museum, Aurora Community Theatre and the expanding Aurora School of Music often find their patrons searching for a place to park while multiple events are taking place.

Commercial establishments along South Chillicothe Road have long been in need of additional parking. The Administration and City Council have not "paved paradise" to "put up a parking lot."

With over 900 acres of conserved parkland, the former grounds of the Aurora Golf Club, Spring Hill Farm and Sunny Lake Park are all undergoing projects to guarantee that Aurora has a "green" future.

It has been claimed the city is ignoring its own plan for the improvements that were to be part of Kiwanis-Moore Playground. The plan was the vision of a former administration and dates back to 2006. Like any conceptual plan, time, events, needs and resources often dictate changes and modifications. Such is the case with this project.

While we are elected officials and by definition are identified as politicians, none of our colleagues should be associated with Washington or big-city politics. We have no hidden agendas. We serve unselfishly and in the best interests of the community.

We have been elected to serve our constituents, but also have the obligation to use our knowledge of the facts to act in the best interest of all citizens.

John Kudley, Aurora