Have you

ever driven down a road and seen a flower or cross along side the road, did you ever wonder why or what happened, did you ever wonder why they kept there for so long?

I have and I found the answer to one of the questions. Our son Scott was killed in a tragic accident on Oct. 12, 2013. The community of Hudson came together to show why we all live here. I was so proud to have raised all our sons in Hudson. Down to the red and white cross, a beautiful grape vine cross and a small American flag; which Scott was proud to always have on his truck.

These small gestures where still there long after he was buried, it helped my family drive that road again. The flag would disappear, would be replaced, then one day it was all gone. I asked around, with no answer, do not know who else to ask, I am reaching out to our community once again.

If it is "not" OK to have these reminders left in the area where he left this earth, then please return them to my family. Drop them off at the fire department. Those small items have helped my family get through these last months. Please return them. If there is an issue please contact me personally. I just want them back.

Because when you see those gestures on the side of the road it helps that family or friends keep that person alive in their heart.

Ginger Graber, Hudson