Representative: "A person chosen or appointed to act or speak for another or others."

I have often wondered how our representatives, be they local, state, or federal, can vote on our behalf if they never ask us our opinions. If they truly knew the majority opinion of those they represent, and it opposed their own personal belief, how would they vote?

I attempt to read the Aurora Advocate regularly, and Rita Scott's July 30 letter to the editor regarding our Town Center green caused me to pause. In spite of living in Aurora for almost 33 years, I could not pace off the area in question.

To my fellow voters: Has your representative solicited your thoughts on the proposed changes to the Town Center green? Or should we update the titles of our Council members from "representatives" to something more divine like "oracles" because they truly know what is best for us without asking?

Not that many years ago another administration was certain we needed a multi-million-dollar recreation center. When placed in front of the electorate -- those individuals who would pay to build and maintain the edifice -- the recreation center was defeated.

To my representatives: I encourage the administration to get voter approval by mailing a before and after schematic of the Town Center green proposal. I am not endorsing either side. But please recognize that your voters objected strongly enough to attempt to place the issue on the ballot.

Ignoring this push-back will not foster trust for your future endeavors, not to mention requested tax increases.

Richard H. Dunker, Aurora