The too-brief lifetime of the Blue Rock Cafe, now closed, included a memorable Sunday afternoon community gathering that still warms the memories of those who were there.

The Cafe owners, Larry Terkel and Matt Lerner, on short notice, had generously agreed to the use of their space so that neighbors and the larger community could show support and help heal the social and spiritual bruises suffered by the Moehling family, whose house had been defaced by obscenities and racial slurs.

As Westhaven neighbors met with each other and also shook hands with those from all over town, tensions eased. Folks were introduced to and chatted with the Moehlings, urged along by the graciousness of Mr. Terkel and his family. Mrs. Moehling and her three children were engulfed in friendliness of Hudsonites who wanted to show them the true colors of our town. The children loved the posters contributed by Hudson artist Nancy Renner, neighbors renewed acquaintances, sang and danced to the music and nibbled on the Cafe offerings.

An initially rough time became a fun time, thanks to the generosity of the quality duo, Larry and Matt. Thanks, guys, for the lovely buggy ride.

T.C. Williams, Hudson