Permit me to lend credence to Thomas Dean's letter regarding voter ID from June 22.

I, too, have seen a bus at the polls from the elder ghetto on the west end of Hudson, so remote and ominous that it is not served by public transportation. Who are these people who own no vehicles and no longer have driver's licenses? They are herded into the polling place by some party apparatchik, and their vote exchanged for a bottle of merlot and an envelope full of store coupons. Then they go on to the next polling place and vote again, because, apparently, prior registration is not required.

Now for those who don't comprehend sarcasm or satire, let me be perfectly clear. Voter ID initiatives are a solution looking for a problem that does not exist. No one has documented more than incidental individual cases of voting fraud. There is no conspiracy anywhere to pad polling results.

The real fraud upon our Constitutional right to vote is being perpetrated only by Republicans who are systematically and shamefully seeking to suppress voting by minorities, most prominently in the South. Jim Crow is not dead. And it is rearing its head in Ohio where the secretary of state is also seeking to limit voting for various trumped up reasons and with one explicit objective - to suppress minority voting in northeast Ohio that is more likely to vote Democrat.

Remember, there is no sacred reason to vote only on Tuesday. That day was established for the convenience of a 19th century population that was mostly farmers. Because of the variety of work and family schedules that involve shift and weekend work, juggling of family obligations and long commutes, multiple voting days are needed to improve voter turnout as a general principle and without imposing de facto poll taxes in the form of ID requirements that for some are tedious and expensive. Imagine being born in a place where even your birth did not count.

Carl J. Kotheimer,