The Tallmadge Board of

Education has just paid Fallon Research and Communication $10,000 for a telephone survey that reveals 64 percent of residents do not favor a levy to build new elementary schools or renovate the middle school.

The Board has a master plan to improve schools in Tallmadge even though we are scoring in the excellent categories right now. They need to give us details like what exactly is in need of renovation in the middle school, what needs to be re-done at the Munroe school (36 percent do not have enough information to have an opinion) and the same for Dunbar because 46 percent have no opinion there.

I wonder if the low support for a levy is because the Board has made some questionable decisions of late. The biggest was practically giving away Overdale school. I have watched that building since the sale and I have seen no major repairs or renovations taking place. The Christians moved right in and opened right up. We still don't know why the building was of no use to Tallmadge anymore.

The Board has reported we will have another population bump in the future that will last about seven years. So, why didn't they wait until after that to dump the Overdale building? It could not have been because they got such a good offer from the Christians. If the Board wants to get into our pockets to take our money, I believe they need to make a much better argument.

Don't forget that it is likely the county will make property re-valuations soon and will raise our taxes for that as well. Remember to get out and vote down this levy when it comes up in November.

Thomas Kever, Tallmadge