Is Aurora going to "pave paradise and put up a parking lot?" as the song says? Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin wants to, but not so fast.

Kiwanis-Moore Playground is at the center of our town and is an irreplaceable green space amenity. The center of the park has a nice playground, and there is a baseball field right next to it. This is Field 3. This field is under attack by the mayor, who wants to pave it for parking space.

There are many theories about why such an odd and expensive proposal has been made. Some say it is to help the Aurora School of Music, but that doesn't make sense because of ample, closer space at the library.

Some say it is to help a nearby restaurant, but it has not come forward to support this proposal either. Some say it is to help the Church in Aurora, which runs out of space on Sundays.

The initial project cost is $9,000 for design and $90,000 for construction -- your tax dollars.

If this proposal goes through, the baseball field will be lost for all Aurora children. Now what private enterprise has a higher priority than our children? I wonder.

Rita Scott, Aurora