Recently, a stray dog roamed our neighborhood in the southeast section of Aurora for several days. When my wife called the police department, she was told if she could catch the dog -- a great dane -- the police could come and pick it up.

She was also informed one of our neighbors had called the APD concerning the same dog four or five days earlier. Attempt to picture my under-5-foot tall wife being told to catch a great dane. Really? Does this seem like a reasonable suggestion from the APD?

Fortunately for our neighborhood and our pets, the great dane was not mean, was caught by a neighbor, transported to the Aurora Veterinary Clinic and adopted by yet another neighbor. Later, we were told this same dog had been reported running around in the northwest part of the city a month earlier.

How can a city like Aurora permit a large stray dog to run loose for a month and take no action? Even assuming the dog is not rabid or vicious, what if this dog had run out in front of a school bus full of children?

I can't help but wonder if the great dane had been roaming in a City Council member's neighborhood if I would be writing this note.

Richard H. Dunker, Aurora