Hudson High School graduate Quincy Manfred Schumann, class of 1978, is in the news again.

Quincy, the only person to get a diploma from Hudson High School without actually attending a single class, will be on Paul Wood's barbecue team May 24 at Marc's Great American Cookoff and Music Festival, which runs from May 23-26 at Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica in Cleveland.

Wood is defending the title he won for Marc's at last year's event and this year he's pulling out the big guns for support -- Quincy.

"Quincy is our spiritual leader, our emotional support and our silent team sponsor," barbecue champ Wood said.

Which is kind of surprising since Quincy Manfred Schumann does not exist. He is a figment of the imaginations of Wood and two other senior pranksters in the 1978 graduating class -- Tom Olsen and Tom Easley.

As students, the creative (and mischievous) trio invented Quincy, ran him for class office, got him quoted in the Hudson Hub-Times and -- and this is the coup d'etat -- got him a signed diploma in the 1978 graduation exercise.

Which, ironically, earned the fictitious Quincy -- portrayed by another school's student -- a standing ovation.

Through the years, Quincy has made his presence felt. He was a sponsor in Hudson

High School's senior baseball book, and earned praise for a picture he took of the Hudson Clocktower which aired on the Fox television website. This guy gets around.

And now, he's part of a barbecue competition with Wood and Wood's daughter, Erin, 22.

You know, it appears Quincy is having a lot more fun than a lot of us "real" people.


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