The Board of

Trustees of the Hudson Library and Historical Society are very grateful to Hudson community for their generous support over the years.

During the week of May 12, the residents of Hudson will be receiving a postcard from the library that outlines its many accomplishments, and asks the community to consider giving a gift to support collection and service enhancements.

Generous donations from community members and organizations have allowed the library to expand its resources beyond what state and local funding will allow. Because of this wonderful community support, the HLHS is now recognized as one of the nation's finest libraries with a cutting edge collection, innovative services and exceptional programming.

Please look for your postcard in the mail and consider making a 100 percent tax-deductible contribution to the library. We appreciate your consideration and support. Together, we can continue to provide exceptional library services that our community has come to rely on.

Dr. Steven


Trustee, Hudson

Library and

Historical Society