I was appalled to read in Sunday's Hub that our City Council representatives are even considering spending up to $20,000 of our tax money to paint the CSX railroad bridges. Yes, there is some recent graffiti on them, but as I understand it, these bridges are not city assets. Far from it, they are decrepit industrial structures that mar our landscape and should be either removed or upgraded and properly maintained by their rightful owner. For at least 20 years the paint has been peeling, the girders have been rusting, water has dripped off these bridges onto our cars -- and admittedly yes, each year there is fresh graffiti from Hudson's senior classes.

In my opinion, a couple of constituents writing letters to whine about the most recent graffiti is no excuse for Council members to waste my tax dollars to perform what should be routine maintenance work for CSX. It is certainly not an excuse to pay CSX a reported $4,000 of Hudson taxpayers' money for "permits and fees" for the right to do long-ignored maintenance work on their bridges.

If Hudson officials want the CSX bridges to look presentable, we should demand CSX maintain them just as our zoning and development codes require other commercial property owners to maintain their buildings, parking areas, signs and other assets in the city. Don't waste your constituents' money to do routine maintenance for the railroad.

Tom Mayor, Hudson