Town hall

meetings by Congressmen are vital to allowing the average constituent, who is not part of a special interest group, to express his or her concerns. They allow citizens to present their concerns directly to their Congressman in person. I have contacted Pat Lowry, the official at Congressman Tim Ryan's office in charge of his scheduling, requesting a town hall meeting in the Tallmadge area.

Pat is considering it now, but since Congressman Ryan's main voting support comes from the Youngstown area, it could be tempting for him to say they are too busy.

If residents agree that Obamacare is just one of many headaches our elected federal officials have troubled Americans with and the Constitution has become an inconvenience to many, I urge them to contact Lowry at 330-740-0193 and insist on a Town Hall meeting near or in Tallmadge.

Maybe we can take a step to get some freedom back since we still live in a country ruled by the consent of the governed.

Marc Craig, Tallmadge