I am not certain how many residents in Hudson share my concern for the ever-increasing number of oil-laden rail cars traveling to the east coast through Hudson, however, this activity may become disastrous. The oil being transported from the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota is being transported by rail west to east because there are few or no west to east pipelines to accommodate the ever increasing supply. And, under the current administration, none will be forthcoming.

The Bakken oil is considerably more volatile [more chemicals] than most crude oil. Witness the recent disasters in Canada and North Dakota. A derailment in Hudson at 303 and 91 would be catastrophic. Worse, the proximity of the police and fire department headquarters to that location would make any contingency plans they may have inoperable. They would be incinerated along with the rest of downtown.

I am not certain how to approach this issue or whether or not efforts are already being made by Council. But I know this. With two track switches [that's the most likely place for derailments to occur] located at Hudson Station, and oil-laden trains parked on sidings while other oil-laden trains pass [daily], and the speeds at which these trains travel, the odds are a serious accident is in the making.

Bill Rich, Hudson