Susan and Dick

Mansell are right in asking where the outrage is against the nation's administration and Congress, which is trashing our Constitution and not enforcing laws of the land as written.

With all the ongoing scandals right now, Congress -- or at least the Republican Party -- should be out there every day, shouting loud and clear their opposition to these law breaking activities. However, they are for the most part silent or holding hearings -- from which rarely any solutions results.

I don't see any change coming to correct this situation soon. As long as 50 percent of the population in one way or another receives government assistance, and Congress excepts itself and the big labor unions from the punitive laws the general population has to abide by, there will be no change.

We must make the change. It is therefore of uttermost importance that we vote these self-serving members out of office and select some new candidates, having the honesty and goal to change our government to work for the people and by the people. The mid-term elections will be a good place to start this process.

If we do not change and keep living under lost morals and a corrupt government, we too have lost our morals.

Paul Jorgensen, Aurora