Citizens of

Hudson, do we really need another insurance or real estate agency; or another pizza shop; or another hair salon; or another ice cream or sweet shop; or another themed fast-food restaurant; or another sit-down cabaret; or more apparel shops; and how about floral shops; or pharmacies; or golf-courses/practice facilities?

The list goes on... .all convenience stores, with few employees and a meager wage serving a limited market population.

We now employ an economic development director whom we pay about $100,000 in salary, plus benefits, plus expenses. Though highly regarded personally, it's hard to dispute the fact that Hudson has much vacant commercial/industrial property. We celebrate our success in polluting our market with retail services. But alas, there is no manufacturer, or commercial enterprise on our horizon. Are we getting what we pay for?

We've tried everything ... part-time economic directors, volunteer economic development councils, arrangements for start-up enterprises, and our latest, our full-time economic development director.

Council at recent meetings is debating new city signage, pedestrian crossings (part of connectivity), bike lanes, golf-course cart paths, etc. Why aren't our community leaders fishing with bait? Why are we left with no birds in hand, and none in the bush?

I'm a little tired of claims of efforts with no results. Let's change our game plan.

Don Flower, Hudson