The recent article entitled "Anyone Remember Quincy Manfred Schumann?" brought back memories of this hilarious prank of June 1978, during the Hudson High School graduation ceremony. At the time I was president of the school board.

Some senior class girls also were aware of this ruse, including my own daughter, Suzanne. The three gentlemen who concocted this creative deception, the "Wiseguys" as noted in the article, Messrs. Wood, Olsen, and Easley, as well as our next door neighbor John Carrier, a senior, were frequent visitors in our house. Could Quincy have been there too? Over time, I had deduced something was afoot. Anyway, graduation night arrived and we were off to E.J. Thomas Hall for the ceremony.

HHS graduations followed the practice that the school board president handed a diploma (every single one of which I had signed) to each graduate after his or her name was called by the senior class president. Before long, surnames starting with the letter "S" began. When Quincy Manfred Schumann was called, a body, a live person, actually emerged to receive his diploma. Good heavens. Had I signed a diploma for this fraudster? Who is this guy?

The entire senior class went wild with riotous laughter: Quincy had become real and he was onstage. I, too, wanted to burst out laughing, but such a display would detract from the serious nature of the graduation ritual. Many parents in this audience might be affronted if HHS Principal Arch McDonald and I seemed to defame this phony who presumably had earned his diploma "fair and square" as had his classmates.

Suzanne and I still laugh when we recall this singularly creative, innocuous, and harmless stunt: "Quincy Schumann, HHS 1978." I would be delighted to shake his hand should he come to his 40th Class Reunion in 2018.

Paul H. Bodden, Hudson


Quincy Manfred Schumann: the infamous Hudson HS "grad" of 1978