I am writing in

response to the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.

First, I would like to thank my parents for deciding not to abort me -- they made a good choice.

Second, the information seems clear. There is a choice that has been given to mothers of whether or not a person should be granted life. The science and medical facts are available. The embryo, then fetus, is a living being. Someone is being formed in their mother's womb upon conception.

Now, there is a controversy over a mother's right versus an unborn baby's right to life; this battle is no secret and has seemed almost political in nature. The reality is this: a human being is at stake.

I think our culture has dehumanized us. Society breeds self-centeredness, and promotes proud people who can rely on themselves as independent achievers of whatever their dreams may be; though their dreams are no longer curtailed by the once reliable and ever present moral compass formed by God and by a God-fearing nation. This compass has been broken, perhaps altered by the very dreams that started as an innocent impulse.

We have become bound to our urges for pleasure and entertainment, and have even begun to demand others take responsibility for our actions. We hold our rights dearer than self-sacrifice and discipline. We see violence and begin to think nothing of a fellow human being. We talk with anger, vulgarity, and disrespect to each other and rationalize it as 'honesty' instead of seeing it as a disgusting distasteful display of regress in decorum and human interaction.

We have trained ourselves to be cold at this moment; the moment that the life of another would cause difficulty to our own life. Where is our humanity? Please consider a life valuable.

John Marshall, Tallmadge