I never want to be part of the story, but I'll gladly make an exception for a fairy tale.

Dressed in regal guise, the staff of the Twinsburg Bulletin, less reporter Conner Howard who was busy judging similarities and differences in the twins contest, constructed "Castle Bulletin" for the fantastic fable that was the 2013 Twins Days Double Take Parade.

Under cloudy early morning skies on Aug. 3, we assembled our Elsinore, hoping the rain would hold off and that our impenetrable walls would not become a floating moat of soggy cardboard.

The rain did hold off, puffy clouds blossomed over Twinsburg's mecca for multiples and our fairy tale float remained intact as we proudly made our way down the parade route.

I offered my most benevolent Arthurian wave to the proletariat and tried to maintain a royal pose, bowing only in deference to the real kings of the festival, Jason and Scott Malafarina, as I passed under their powerful gazes at the entrance to Glenn Chamberlin Park.

We had come to the Twins Days Festival, but we did not conquer -- that prestige was left to the thousands of twins and multiples, who every year celebrate their likeness with other twins in the city named for them.

But to be part of the parade was to take a welcome few steps back in time.

The modern festivals still recall the original in 1976 when 37 sets of twins attended, with hay bales as seats in floats and hot dogs being cooked in front yards. The modern celebrations continue to honor Twinsburg's agrarian roots, and there is a sense of small town hospitality and affability that can be felt by all -- even singles who work for the local paper.

With applause and kind words, twins and Twinsburgers alike welcomed us into their unique blend of international and intimate for the 38th festival, and the appreciation went both ways.

We enjoyed the opportunity to pen a small part of the 2013 twins tale, and we congratulate the city, the Twins Days Festival committee and the many multiples on another successful signature weekend.

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