The Random Acts of Kindness Week -- Feb. 11 to 17 -- is over but, hopefully, its effects will keep rippling.

Case in point, the Hudson Hub-Times got a great letter about kindness but there was no signature. Normally, we do not print anonymous letters but this one warmed our ink-stained hearts so we're passing a bit of it on to our readers.

In the midst of the week, Feb. 13, a woman said she visited a local pharmacy to fill two very much needed prescriptions. She was reduced to tears when she heard the cost -- $150.

"I went back and forth on whether I should get the medication because money was tight," she wrote.

She decided she had to buy it, crying while she made the purchase.

"Outside the drug store, and I am still in tears, a man was waiting. He said 'Here, honey, take this' and put some money in my plastic bag. When I looked in the bag when I got to my car, I counted $140," she reported.

She said when she looked around, the man was gone.

"I have heard of random acts of kindness, but never have I had a stranger show so much compassion. I hope he reads this because I want to thank him with all my heart. I will pay it forward in some way," she wrote.

I really felt the impact of others' kindnesses last week, as well. Nothing quite on the scale of our anonymous writer, but heartwarming, none the less.

Let's see, my week started off with a bang, literally, when I fell on the sidewalk outside the Natatorium. There I was, lying flat out on the pavement, assessing the damage, when a young man came flying out of the building, in shorts and a T-shirt in that frigid weather, and got me to my feet. I'd probably still be lying there if he hadn't come out. He was so sweet, he stayed with me until he got me into the building and was sure I had no lasting effect of the fall (just pain, no breaks, no cuts) and then offered to get me water. Now his actions were random and they certainly were kind. I later found out his name was Nathan Cebula. Thanks, Nathan.

Then there was the visit at work of a friend from the past who brought me a book about heaven when she heard my sister died. The week continued with a sweet note of affirmation from a friend. And then there was the total stranger who recognized me from my column picture and gave me no end of praise for my "inspirational" column on kindness. I'm still beaming from that event. Then, perfect end to a great week, a good friend stopped over with homemade chicken soup for our supper. Yum.

I am basking in the kindness of others, primed to pass it on.


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