I was sorry to see

the Feb. 14 article, "Historical society chair, vice-chair resigning."

As a new member, I'm pleased with what I've seen in the Historical Society of Olde Northfield.

I'm pleased that there are such groups interested in retaining and teaching about the history of Northfield Village, Northfield Center, Sagamore Hills and Macedonia.

I attended a meeting where there was a dessert buffet.

Elections were held and it was decided to not name specific officers but that the board would oversee the functioning of the society.

Another meeting sported homemade cookies and plans were laid for a program about the Underground Railroad in honor of Black History on April 20.

Many ideas were offered to help children learn of their city's history and individuals willing stepped forward to take on the leadership of various projects. Palmer House, the home of the Historical Society of Olde Northfield, will again be open to the public this spring, beginning April 14 and May 12.

I'm proud to be a part, albeit a neophyte, of an active and vital historical society.

Nikona Thomas,