Mayor William

Long, being the first mayor of Macedonia, was a very honest and truthful person.

I remember he gave his own money and had East Ohio Gas and Cleveland water brought into Macedonia for the residents who were tired of heating their homes with oil and drawing water with a pump inside their houses. He did this before our neighboring townships had those services.

Mayor Long gave Macedonia his land in his will. That's how much he loved Macedonia.

The last time he ran for mayor, there were two younger men running against him. He won and was mayor in his 90s.

I knew Mayor Long and visited him in the Manor House. I've lived in Macedonia going on 45 years.

We should never think of destroying the mayor's house. We should have fundraisers to pay for any repairs needed. After all, Mayor Long gave of himself to make Macedonia what a great city it has become.

God bless all.

Terri Hudak, Macedonia