The city of Macedonia

has posted a Manor House survey on their official website. We urge residents to participate in the survey.

While we agree that the city should get feedback from the residents on issues whenever possible, we feel the survey is very biased.

Longwood Manor and Longwood Park are the city's inheritance. The city has no right to demolish what was given to us by the first mayor of this city. On the contrary, the city assumed the responsibility to maintain the home when they accepted the real property in 1984.

The city claims the house is condemned. We believe it was never legally condemned

The LMHS paid for a study by a well know architectural firm, Van Dyke Architects, completed in 2010.

This 100-plus page study states: "The condition of the building is acceptable for its age. The repairs needed are due to maintenance neglect of the building over the years. The repairs that are required are not considered major repairs."

The city claims the house will cost $400,000 to $600,000 to restore.

That figure is greatly exaggerated, in our opinion. LMHS produced a plan in 2012 that estimates the cost to repair the violations at $78,000.

Once the violations are fixed, LMHS asks that the house be leased to the non-profit historical society to continue the restoration with donations, charitable foundation grants and volunteers doing the work.

LMHS has been opposed to asking the residents for a tax increase to fund repairs to the Manor.

Rather, it is felt that the money can be found in the existing budget. LMHS feels this is not a choice between funding street projects or funding the manor.

We would urge residents to please take a minute to vote for keeping their inheritance, Longwood Manor.

John Cassmer, Macedonia