Dr. Joe Clark breaks the law

and equates it to running a red light with no one watching, (Jan. 30, "Commission: Schools chief broke elections law.")

Thank goodness Dr. Clark doesn't teach driver's education to our children.

Perhaps Dr. Clark should be a bit more contrite and a wee bit less defiant on being caught breaking the law.

He is the leader of our schools and needs to set a proper example for our children. Saying it's basically OK to break a law if no one is watching is a terrible example, especially coming from the superintendent of our schools.

I can't imagine many parents teaching or supporting that same approach to their children.

Dr. Clark violated the law and was caught. It was no one's fault but his own.

He needs to accept the responsibility for his actions and the consequences of them, just as we teach our children.

Dr. Clark should consider showing a little bit more humility along with exhibiting better leadership skills to our children.

Linda (Kavalec) Cefo, Macedonia