I have been a resident of Aurora since 1984 -- almost 30 years. The area was very attractive. It reminded me of the countryside. It offered privacy and tranquility. The neighborhood was very supportive, and this is certainly true today.

However, recently there have been some reports that the city of Aurora plans to utilize the Aurora Golf Club clubhouse as a place to conduct wakes. In other words, the public would be viewing the deceased inside the party center. These wakes could be held five days a week. For the balance of the week, the center would host parties.

As a concerned homeowner, I was very distressed to learn there is an initiative under way to grant a conditional zoning certificate for different business uses. When I arrived, the country club was private. This enhanced the rural charm of the community.

I firmly believe if the CZC is granted, the property value of many homes will depreciate and more traffic will be added to Trails End, where I reside and where the party center is located. It is my fervent hope that the golf course is preserved for public use.

Perhaps the city and investors could support this. Another possibility is to rezone the land occupied by the golf course and party center for limited new home construction. Together, let's maintain the rich heritage that Aurora enjoys -- a place I call home. We owe this to future generations.

Donna Schmader, Aurora