I attended the meeting for

the "Keep Hudson Safe Initiative" on Feb. 7 at the Hudson High School media center. I want to thank the organizers at Hudson Community First, the city of Hudson, the Hudson City School District who participated in the event and Mayor Currin for moderating. I would call this first 2 1/2 hour meeting a good start. I think we have some dedicated people trying to do the right thing, from the School Board to our safety forces.

I was particularly impressed with Police Chief David Robbins and his approach to these "high impact, low frequency" events like Newtown, as well as Officer Mike and his work in the schools. The strong focus on the mental health of our children and working towards inclusion of all types of students into the mainstream is a critical component of safety in our schools.

What I was most concerned with was that the room was not standing room only. While there may have been 100 people there, many of those were school employees, safety forces members or City Council members. To me this is just a further example of the naivet of Hudson residents around the "bubble" we live in. For those who could not be there, the video of the event is now available on Hudson Cable TV and is also on the Hudson School system website (www.hudson.edu/video).

I encourage all of my friends and neighbors to view it and take an active role in understanding the situation and options and becoming engaged in the solution to "Keep Hudson Safe." I look forward to seeing you all at the next event.

Michael Coburn, Hudson