Sometimes we forget to

thank someone for a valuable service rendered. We do want to thank and commend the Hudson Police for a particular service provided at no charge to the residents of Hudson. This service is the Vacation Watch Request service that is provided for up to 30 days.

Recently, we were out of town for a period of time. During that time, there was a break-in and robbery in our neighborhood. Our neighbor who keeps an eye out for us noticed that there were footprints in the snow all around our house. She immediately called the police to inform them as this was shortly after the nearby break-in was discovered. The dispatcher told her that it was the police who had walked all around the house checking each and every door. It was their footsteps she observed and we saw when we returned home.

We have used this service for many years and never knew exactly what it entailed. We are very appreciative and thank Chief Robbins and his force for following through with this home check for absent residents. We also thank our neighbor for her vigilance.

Nancy and Dick Dotson, Hudson