"Why hasn't there been anything in the paper about ..." I get that question once in a while. Sometimes my response is "Because you didn't call to tell me about it." Often, interesting things are happening in the community and people assume "someone else" has told the newspaper about it. Well, sometimes "someone else" is asleep at the switch. So, if you've heard of something special going on, or an event coming up, or an idea that you think others in the community should know, give us call.

On the other hand, often the question comes in an accusatory tone.

That usually indicates the questioner thinks "something's up" and the truth is being hidden by the newspaper or somebody trying to slide something by the voting public -- as in, "Why hasn't there been anything in about this levy?" (You mean the one written about when the board voted to put it on the ballot, and when it was certified to the ballot, and again when groups -- pro and con -- met to talk about it?)

Maybe I just take the longer view because that's how news happens. Some stories unfold over months or even years. I forget that people don't recall the stories that were done on an issue over a long span of time, whereas I see them all together in a clip file, like chapters in a book.

The difficulty is capturing that time context without taking up too much space to the detriment of the current story.