A tsunami in Hudson? The

public may not have noticed, but the educational equivalent of a tsunami rolled out of the last Hudson School Board meeting. Hudson citizens should take time to congratulate Hudson School Board members Jim Field, Patti Engelman, Gary Mushock, Steve DiMauro, and Dave Zuro on their bold thinking in preserving the quality of education in the Hudson school district.

The bold initiative is that the School Board adopted a market based compensation strategy and guidelines for administrative and non-represented salary employees. The wage ranges for specific positions are now based on the law of supply and demand. No longer will an employee receive an increase in salary simply because he aged another year. This is revolutionary thinking for school districts.

The importance of this announcement is the message it telegraphs ahead about probable School Board strategy in negotiating the next Hudson teacher's union contract. Traditionally all teachers with the same degree and same number of years of experience received the same salary. Applying this new thinking to teachers' contracts would base wages on the law of supply and demand for a specific teaching skill as well as performance and experience. For example, mathematics teachers in short supply would receive higher wages than elementary teachers who are in surplus. No longer would the Board be helpless when a talented young math or science teacher decides to leave the district to pursue a higher paying job in industry.

This initiative illustrates why Hudson citizens should be very confident the School Board is pursuing every option to maximize the performance of taxpayers' education dollars. All Hudson residents should take time to express their support.

Cecil Wristen, Hudson