As treasurer

of Citizens for Strong Nordonia Hills' Schools, I would say the fact that Dr. Clark has been found in violation of Ohio Election Law raises an additional question: Where was our School Board? One would think the Board knew that Dr. Clark likely violated Ohio election law and allegedly misled district employees and the community by stating that a levy may be needed this year, despite the district's own financial forecast showing otherwise.

Isn't it the Board's civic, fiduciary, ethical and moral obligation to report possible violations on Ohio Election Law to authorities? This certainly shows me that some type of organizational change is needed. The current structure resembles the old adage of letting the fox watch the hen house.

Was the Board trying to sweep this violation under the carpet in the hope no one would notice? Our community deserves answers.

The Board seems to be saying that violating the law is perfectly acceptable if one apologizes about it afterwards.

Is this what we expect from a school district rated "Excellent"? What should the community expect if our district was rated as "Needing Improvement"?

Dr. Clark and the Board should be ashamed of the message they are sending our impressionable children. That is, that it's acceptable to violate the law as long as it advances one's agenda. Our precious children and the entire community deserves better.

James M. Blazek,