Cuyahoga Falls

School District is currently exploring several options to address the problem of maintaining and updating its current buildings. Due to the age of the buildings, most need substantial and costly repairs, particularly the high school. I feel the best option for both the students and the city is to build a new high school.

A new high school building, with the latest technology incorporated into the design, will draw families into Cuyahoga Falls. It will help teachers implement new interactive online teaching methods, which will engage students more fully. Furthermore, a new building design would correct the security issues of the current building. I know I am not alone in feeling this is an issue that need immediate attention.

I hope the residents of this fine community will become engaged in the dialogue as Superintendent Dr. Todd Nichols and the school board review how to improve the opportunity for academic progress and safety for our most important resource -- our children and grandchildren.

Wesley G. Johnston, Jr., Cuyahoga Falls