Recently, an Army Mother

named wrote a letter regarding my work at Guantanamo. She stated she was "very well aware that Guantanamo is still open and thank God that it is. People in Hudson can sleep at night because the terrorists are not in our backyards."

Let me begin by thanking her for her family's service and sacrifice. Military personnel are, without question, some of the finest human beings I know. Unfortunately, the letter demonstrates she is misinformed about the men detained in Guantanamo.

United States intelligence agencies (including our military) unanimously determined that 87 of the 166 men currently held in Guantanamo should be immediately released because they are not terrorists and pose no risk to our country or to Hudson. These innocent men remain detained because closing Guantanamo is not a priority for the Obama administration and because conservatives enjoy portraying the entire Guantanamo population as "terrorists." The myth that Guantanamo houses "the worst of the worst" has been debunked for years. As I said in the story, many, if not most, citizens do not understand who is actually housed in Guantanamo.

To be clear, I am advocating that innocent men be freed from Guantanamo. I also believe that accused individuals should be permitted to confront the accusations in court. These are simple, bedrock American principles. My experience is that the truth and veracity of government accusations improve when accusations are subject to vigorous due process in an open, unencumbered court. Legitimate courts and due process do not exist in Guantanamo.

I also firmly believe that the tragedy Guantanamo has become will end when the public is educated. Thus, I cordially invite the letter writer, or any other person interested in learning about Guantanamo, to contact me. I may be reached at 330-375-5739 or by email at

Carlos Warner, Hudson