Many homeowners in our area experienced damage this summer an have started or completed repairs to their homes. I was asked by a neighbor why she didn't get a final inspection on her home and I wanted to share some information. In Summit County all reroof and residing contractors need to get a building permit and post this at the job site. The contractors also need to call the Building Inspector when the job is completed for a "final inspection". This is done to ensure building codes are followed. Also insurance companies typically do not cover for repairs due to poor contractor workmanship. If you didn't get a final inspection or see a permit displayed on your home you may wish to call the Summit division of builing standards at 330-630-7285 and request an inspection. Permits are public record and available back to 2011 on their website. If you have a problem with your repairs a homeowner can file a complaint with the Summit county office of consumer affairs 330-643-2879