It's been a

long, emotional and political eight months. Because of the 4-3 vote against our text amendment request, the chapter on a crematory in Stow has been closed, but the book is not yet finished. We believe that time and truth go hand-in-hand, when calm and factual information rules and not emotions. The proven truth about emissions, mercury in particular, property values, safe locations and all the other issues related to this request will become more evident with time.

The purpose of this letter is not to argue the merits of cremation, but to give strong assurance about the safety of the state-of-the-art equipment and the process used. Families who have chosen cremation in the past, and those who will do so in the future, can remain confident of those facts. The U.S. EPA, Ohio EPA and the "expert" chosen by City Council, all concur that there is no regulation of mercury because the measured emissions fall well below accepted levels. Equipment itself must follow strict guidelines.

As always, we will remain a full-service funeral home, which includes cremation services, continuing to serve families in Stow and neighboring communities with the same character, dignity, respect, care, professionalism and integrity that we have for 45 years. We will not allow this issue to be a distraction from the mission for which we have given our lives, that of serving people who are at a most difficult time in their lives.

We appreciate and have been humbled by the many quiet, behind-the-scenes kind words of strong support and encouragement. We continue to care passionately about Stow and all of our neighbors. Anyone is welcome to come to us with credible evidence, to see the information we use or with respectful questions or dialogue about cremations.

Keith, Bruce and

Lou-Ann Redmon, Stow

Redmon Funeral Home