We have been

residents of Stow for the past eight years and we appreciate the beauty that is present within Stow. We are opposed to extending auto dealerships and auto rental businesses in the C-3 Community Rental District and the C-4 General Business District.

Prior to buying a newly built home in the Darrow Lake section of Stow, we resided in a Cuyahoga Falls residential area for 32 years. During that period of time and since leaving the Falls, we have witnessed the adverse effects and sights of these auto dealerships and auto rental businesses. Several sections in the 600 block of Portage Trail and the 3000 and 4000 blocks of State Road have contained these businesses that frequently open and then vacate later. They present a general "eyesore" on the property and give the appearance of a depressed, deteriorating and unsightly section of land, especially when the property is frequently vacant and unoccupied.

Surely, our city's planning and development department or the county's department of community and economic development can review, analyze and recommend more desirable and appealing use of the proposed land sections.

We prefer that, as a major guideline, Stow City Council vote and make decisions that will benefit the homeowners and the beauty and value of the residential neighborhoods.

When we look out our windows or drive through a Stow neighborhood, we would rather see beautiful, clean, well-maintained homes than a bunch of autos sitting on a lot month after month and year after year.

Thomas and Cheryl

Souza, Stow