This Christmas

has come and gone, but something is still bothering me. I'm wondering if my family is the only one who questioned and was disappointed that there were no Christmas decorations in Stow this year.

We were blessed by many great neighborhoods and residents who did a lovely job. But the city of Stow -- not so much. Upon questioning the mayor's office, I was told that we had had such a rainy season last year that all the decorations were ruined.

Stow must have been under one big selective cloud, because Cuyahoga Falls, Silver Lake, Munroe Falls and Hudson all were able to decorate their cities quite nicely this season.

Our Council At-Large gentleman was very nice to talk with and told me it shouldn't have anything to do with finances. He told me he had received quite a number of calls from families upset that the "lighting ceremony" festivities had been canceled.

Well, we had 365 days from last winter -- let's see if 365 more will help for 2013. Hope I am not the only one who noticed or cares.

Beverly Bertka, Stow