Now that the "Fiscal Cliff"

is over, we hope. What comes next?

The seniors got a whopping 1.7 percent cost of living increase this month. What a joke. This comes to $.017 per dollar.

They took back 1/4 percent of this amount back for the Social Security fund.

With the cost of gasoline, food, the sewer bill increase -- about $5 per month, etc., the seniors are losing money.

Both parties for many years have been borrowing money from the Social Security funds and not paying it back.

Why cannot the members in Washington pass a law that the only time money can be used from the Social Security account is for Social Security benefits?

Residents -- especially seniors -- should start paying attention to what comes out of the mouths of our representatives, mainly our council people.

If we get hurt, we can only blame ourselves for not speaking up.

Charles Loparo, Macedonia